Check your receipt

When you’re out shopping, before leaving, double check your till receipt is for what you purchased and for the price you expected it to be.

If you bought something because of a promotion, then double check that the promised discount has been applied.

Watch out for
  • being charged for too many items
  • being charged full price for reduced items
  • a promotion not having been applied
  • being charged the wrong price

When paying by credit card, watch out for retailers who have to manually type in the total amount; double check that the receipt amount matches the credit card receipt.

Places to double check
  • Newsagents
  • Local Takeaways
  • Local Shops
  • Restaurants

If you do experience a discrepancy, the first step is to raise the issue with your the person who served you; but escalate if necessary.

Update: February 2017

Recently staying a restaurant with colleagues, and we had gone our for an evening meal.

We had noticed that we had been overcharged for a particular item, so we flagged it up.

The management corrected the price, and waived the service charge. Result!

The next day we noticed there was another item that we had been overcharged for.

After we pointed out the issue, the apologised again, and offered us free coffees.

This worked out well for us, as they gave us 3 coffees and a hot chocolate, for a £2 mistake!

Daniel Platt drinking hot chocolate



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