Mobile Phone Number Transfer

In the June Newsletter I spoke about getting a refund on a cheap pair of trainers, and how it was good experience.
Well this story is one example of that paying off.

We had 2 mobile phone contracts with a company, one of which was up for renewal, and the other had another 12 months to go.
I’d personally asked for a PAC to transfer the number that was out of contract.

The PAC was used and we’d accidentally managed to migrate the number that was still in contract.

We quickly realised what had happened and phoned our previous provider.
They confirmed we wouldn’t be charged as they would never give a PAC out for a number still in contract. I re-request the PAC for the number of out of contract.
This time the PAC was for the correct number.

Then the bill came in… They wanted £450 for the early termination fee.
This is a good reason to check your bills and receipt, though this would hardly gone unnoticed.

After a phone call to customer services, and a listen to the tape recording of the previous calls, they agreed to waive the early termination fee.

Stick to your guns, and make them listen to the calls. If you still don’t get anywhere request that you get a copy of the tapes. They have to do this under Data Protection Act, thought they may charge for this.


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