April 2016

Welcome to the first “Make Money, Save Money” newsletter.

I want to open you to money-making ideas that will get you extra spending money, and money saving ideas that won’t take forever.

Make Money

Change Your Bank Account

Banks are constantly trying to outdo one another to attract new customers. If you haven’t looked at switching bank accounts, now is a great time.

Some of the offers:

  • Up to £150 signup bonus
  • Up to 5% AER on positive balances
  • Cashback on monthly bills

However, double check the terms of the offers as they won’t pay out unless you abide by all of them.

When it comes to actually moving from one bank to another, the recent switching service offered by most banks could have you swapped over in just 7 working days.

Go to your favourite search engine and search for “current account reward”.

Pet Walker

Everyone seems to be rushing, and they never have any time left to do the things they want.

You will be saving the owner’s time, and would not need that expensive gym membership with all the walking you would be getting!

Self Publish

Are you an expert in your field or maybe you are really good at making things?

Share your know-how with the world.

You can publish your own book with Kindle Direct Publishing or record a video course with Udemy.

Get it right, and you could be getting money from your publication for a long time.

Save Money


Everybody wants your business, and they are willing to pay people to get you to buy with them.

Cashback websites give this money back to you.

Sites I’ve used and can recommend are:

So far I have earned £179.71 cashback with TopCashback, and my best is £536 with Give or Take.

Check out the financial sections for some good cash back offers.

Get a Water Meter

Do you have a water meter? No? Then your water company will be calculating your bill based on the number of bedrooms in your house.

If you have more bedrooms than people in your property, then it might be worth considering getting a water meter.

Travel Insurance

Going on holiday and looking for travel insurance?

Check the price for the yearly policies as well. Occasionally they can be cheaper than single trip insurance.

These exact suggestions won’t be applicable to everyone, but try to work out how they could be adapted for you.

That’s it for this newsletter. See you next time!

If you have any suggestions or questions then drop me a reply to this email.


Whilst building web applications, Daniel also sets up web servers from scratch because he has yet to find the perfect hosting solution. His philosophy is “Why settle, when you can build it better yourself?”

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