January 2017

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Apologies, this newsletter is lighter on suggestions than normal.

I have been expanding previous articles with more content. One such article is NUS Discount Card

Make Money

Teach Online

The best ways to make money, are products where you make something once, and then can keep reselling it.

An online course would be something that you only have to make once, but can sell access to it.  Think about it, there are millions of people that potentially are willing to pay for what you know.

You will need to do due diligence and validate your course idea. 

A course entitled “Best way to organise your cleaning products” will be very unlikely to have mass appeal.  However you might do better with “How to organise your life to get more done”.

A good starting place is Udemy’s course creation page.

Save Money

Energy Saving Bulbs

Halogen and Incandescent light bulbs are typically very wasteful of electricity, as they produce a lot of heat as a by product.
Whilst this isn’t necessarily a bad thing when the temperature outside dip below freezing, they will cause you problems in the summer.

Why not let your central heating keep your house warm, and look at other types of lighting.

Bulb Type Typical Usage
Halogen 20W – 75W
Incandescent 15W – 100W
Energy Savers (CFL) 6W – 23W
LED 1.2W – 15W

The light from an LED for me feels a lot nicer than the energy savers, and they’ve come down in price a lot in recent years.

Halogen – cost for using 5 for a month
  1. 5 x 20W = 100W
  2. 100W / 1000 = 0.1kW
  3. Hours used in a month = 120
  4. Kilowatts x Hours = 12 kWh
  5. Cost per kWh = £0.14
  6. Cost to run for 1 month = £1.68
LED – cost for using 5 for a month
  1. 5 x 1.2W = 6W
  2. 6W / 1000 = 0.006kW
  3. Hours used in a month = 120
  4. Kilowatts x Hours = 0.72 kWh
  5. Cost per kWh = £0.14
  6. Cost to run for 1 month = £0.10

Savings will depend on how many light bulbs you would be replacing, and how long they would be on in a given month.
The above examples assume 4 hours everyday for 28 days.

Based the above example, you could easily pay for the LED bulbs from the cost savings within a year.

Also, LED light bulbs I have, last a lot longer than incandescent bulbs.
With 7 bulbs, I’ve only had 1 blow 5 years, whereas it felt like I was changing incandescent bulbs every other month.

These suggestions won’t be applicable to everyone, but try to work out how they could be adapted for you.

Hopefully, these suggestions give you money ideas!

That’s it for this newsletter. See you next time!

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