Be a Virtual Assistant

Not everyone has the time they want, to do everything they want to do.

One common group of people this applies to are entrepreneurs and small business owners. They will hire people to do the small tasks, so they can get back to jobs that make the actual money.

You can advertise your services as a personal/virtual assistant to these groups of people on an ad-hoc basis.

Here are some tasks you can offer to get you started:

  • Data Entry
  • Basic Book keeping
  • Writing Captions for videos
  • Research
  • Translating
  • Copy and Pasting text

Here are some searches to give you more ideas on what you can offer: personal assistant
virtual assistant.

One thing you will notice is that everybody else seems to be charging £4.10, however, the thing to remember is to set yourself apart and offer add-ons, like fast turnarounds.

Most virtual assistants will be outside of your timezone, or English may not be their first language.

Whatever you decide, one or two gigs, this doesn’t have to replace your day job straight away.


Whilst building web applications, Daniel also sets up web servers from scratch because he has yet to find the perfect hosting solution. His philosophy is “Why settle, when you can build it better yourself?”

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