Selling for Others

If you’ve been reading “Make Money, Save Money”, then by now you should have very little you want to sell. Without buying items to sell, what can you do? Ask other people for items to sell! Think friends, family and co-workers. Why would they want to do that? They wanted Read more…

Teach online; build a recurring income, whilst helping others

Teach Online

The best ways to make money, are products where you make something once, and then can keep reselling it. An online course would be something that you only have to make once, but can sell access to it.  Think about it, there are millions of people that potentially are willing to Read more…

Sell unwanted Gifts

When all the dust settles from the joy of Christmas day, you may have some gifts that you just don’t have any use for; then why not sell them? Maybe sell items from previous years to make room for this year’s gifts? Check out these places to sell: eBay Facebook Read more…

Be a Virtual Assistant

Not everyone has the time they want, to do everything they want to do. One common group of people this applies to are entrepreneurs and small business owners. They will hire people to do the small tasks, so they can get back to jobs that make the actual money. You Read more…

Write Articles

Are you a bit of a wordsmith? You could start a blog, but that will take some time to establish. What if you wanted money sooner than that? textbroker iWriter Content Writers Services like the these will help connect you with people wanting content. You will have to be comfortable Read more…

Sell Photos

Handy with a camera? Then you can take photos to sell for stock photography. Think holidays, everyday items and unique events. Here is a selections of companies to get you started: This could be the excuse you need to buy that nice new camera!

Proof Reader

If you’re really good at spotting spelling mistakes or grammatical errors, then why not consider proof reading articles for others? Here are some places to get you started:

Grow plants

Do you have a green thumb, and some space to grow plants? Then you could grow plants for sale. Think vegetables; Tomato, Bean or more adventurous; Alvera or Venus flytrap. You could sell them on eBay, at a car boot, local groups or even outside your home.