Selling for Others

If you’ve been reading “Make Money, Save Money”, then by now you should have very little you want to sell. Without buying items to sell, what can you do? Ask other people for items to sell! Think friends, family and co-workers. Why would they want to do that? They wanted Read more…

Get a Job

Sometimes you have to bite the bullet and get a job to support your business idea. If you run out of money, then you won’t be able to continue your business, and you will end up getting a job anyway.

Car boot Sale

You could bag yourself a bargain at the car boot sales. If you know a thing or two about china plates, tools or anything vintage, then you could bag yourself a bargain. Even if you don’t, armed with eBay app you could look up the value of second hand items, Read more…

Part-time Driver

If you live in a city, then you could give people rides for money with Uber. Alternatively local takeaway places are usually calling out for drivers to deliver telephone orders. Really like driving? Then you could start your own courier business.


Love baking, and good at it? Then you could sell your cakes at your local car boots, table-top sales and farm shops. If you give out business cards, there could even be a market for baking to order. However, do bear in mind the general legal requirements when selling food Read more…

Pet Walker

Everyone seems to be rushing, and they never have any time left to do the things they want. You will be saving the owner's time, and would not need that expensive gym membership with all the walking you would be getting!